Life at M&T is not all about the law. While we take our work very seriously, we also pride ourselves on our ability to have fun and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Everyone at M&T (and, every other year, their family members as well) is invited to an annual firm outing, which over the years has taken place in various prime tourist destinations (including Bangkok, Bali and Hong Kong). M&T lawyers and staff also regularly participate in the annual Pertandingan Persahabatan antar Konsultan Hukum, a friendly sporting competition within Jakarta’s legal community. Each year, during the fasting month, we hold a table tennis tournament - which, apart from being great fun, brings everyone together to break the fast.

Health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. We offer medical insurance benefits to all of our employees, and periodically bring health professionals into the office to offer free check-ups and share important health information. We also hold regular fitness classes in the office, and provide outside gym memberships to all of our attorneys. In addition, we offer a quiet ‘relaxation’ area within the office with massage chair, where lawyers can go to find calm in the middle of a hectic day.

Our office has two kitchens with espresso/cappuccino machines, where members of the firm can have lunch or just enjoy a short coffee break.

Whether it is to celebrate Kartini Day (Emancipation Day), happy hour, or the closing of a big project, occasions to gather for an informal lunch, dinner or celebration are never few and far between at M&T. There has always been a genuine and strong sense of family among the many talented and valued individuals who make up M&T. We work hard to maintain this special bond, which truly makes M&T one of the most pleasant places to work in Jakarta.