Merger Reportability Analysis

Under Government Regulation Number 57 of 2010 and Indonesian Competition Authority (KPPU) Guidelines Number 02 of 2013, find out the criteria for determining whether a foreign merger conducted outside Indonesia is reportable under the current Indonesian merger control rule.

Requirement in the OSS System for Companies to Adjust Their KBLI to the 2017 KBLI

On 11 October 2018, both the Online Single Submission (“OSS”) Team and the Directorate General of General Legal Administration in their websites posted a joint notice of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Cq. the Directorate General of General Legal Administration and the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Cq. the OSS Agency (the “Joint Notice”), focusing primarily on the use the 2017 Standard of Indonesian Business Field Classifications (Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia – “KBLI”) as a reference for deciding in how to describe a limited liability company’s objective, purposes and business activities in its Articles of Association and in the OSS system.

Five Issues Commonly Encountered in Commercial Building Leases in Indonesia

Leasing an office space is an easy way for a business to acquire office space in a prime area, and to help the business to free up working capital. In this regard, a carefully prepared lease agreement is invaluable for the lessee and the lessor. A number of issues may be encountered when leasing a building for office space in Indonesia. This article highlights five of the most common ones.