Maria Sagrado Shares Latest Developments on Fintech to ALSA National Chapter Members

As part of ALSA National Chapter’s mission to prepare aspiring lawyers, they held the 6th ALSA International Legal Training and Workshop with the theme “Financial Technology: Disruption & Future Prospects in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution”.
Law students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore convened last 25-29 April 2019 at Artotel Yogyakarta and Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) to listen to fintech experts in the country. One of the speakers was our partner Maria Sagrado. She shared about the current trend in fintech, the various types of fintech mechanisms and their functions, and also tackled general problems and challenges of fintech in terms of the regulatory aspect.
Maria is a pioneer and among the few Indonesian lawyers who are active in FinTech transactions and the Fintech Association in Indonesia. She has also been appointed by the Asosiasi Financial Technology (Aftech)/FinTech Association of Indonesia as a member of its Independent Ethics Committee.