New Regulation on The Types of Planned Businesses and/or Activities which Require an Environmental Impact Assessment

The Minister of the Environment and Forestry (“MOEF”) has issued Regulation No. P.38/MENLHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/7/2019 on The Types of Planned Businesses and/or Activities Plans which Require an Environmental Impact Analysis (“Reg 38/2019”), which came into effect on 5 September 2019. Reg 38/2019 replaces Regulation No. 05 of 2012 on the same matter.

In general, provisions under Reg 38/2019 covers (i) the types of businesses and/or activities which require an AMDAL and which are exempted from the requirement; (ii) the screening process; and (iii) additions to and reductions from the types of business/activity plans which require an AMDAL. Reg 38/2019 further provides more specific details than the previous regulation, increases the threshold for some activities or business and introduces the AMDAL categories which will affect the timing for preparing the AMDAL document.

Written by Vincent Ariesta Lie, Pudiahwai Willy Wibowo, and Nadira, read about details of the new regulation by clicking the button below.

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