Nono Anwar Makarim

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S.H. (1973) University of Indonesia Depok, Indonesia
Fellow (1973-1974) Harvard Center for International Affairs
LL.M. (1975), S.J.D. (1978), Harvard Law School, USA

'When Frank and I set up the firm, we aimed at establishing an open  centre for excellence. In the first two years I was pleased to have secured clients like Panin Bank, Bata, ICI, Mobil, Citibank and American Express.'

Nono Anwar Makarim has led civic and political activities, and served as a valuable resource for the firm and our clients. He has been a member of the ethics commitee of the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission), and helped design qualifying tests for Supreme Court judges. In this capacity he has examined many judges who now sit on the Supreme Court.

Dr Makarim was the recipient of the 2009-2010 Senior Research Grant from the Fulbright Foundation, and was voted "External Counsel of the Year 2009" by Asian Counsel magazine.

"A good lawyer must be proficient in legal methods in both the common law and civil law traditions. At the same time he must also stay ahead of trends. At Makarim & Taira S. we have a team of strong, knowledgeable lawyers who educate themselves constantly."

Nono was the Co-founder of: