Yohanes Masengi

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S.H. (2005) University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia

Yohanes Masengi is a Partner in the Corporate and Commercial group with extensive experience in investment, infrastructure, power projects, ports, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, employment and corporate restructuring.

He has represented prominent companies in a variety of proceedings and transactions, including merger and acquisitions, land acquisitions, project financing, and natural resources and energy.

These include, among others, representing independent power producers in the development of various large-scale power projects in Indonesia, representing the employer in the settlement of labor disputes and mass terminations due to redundancy and closure involving more than 300 employees on one occasion, representing a state owned enterprise related to Arbitration in the Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia (BANI) in a dispute over a construction insurance claim with one of the local insurance companies, providing legal assistance in the renegotiation of concessions and contracts with state owned enterprises, providing legal assistance in the acquisition of land with an area of approximately 85 hectares for infrastructure projects, providing legal assistance in various joint ventures and the establishment of companies in Indonesia, and advising on various matters related to their concession and business activities.

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