Learning at Makarim is our way of advancing the Indonesian legal field that allows aspiring lawyers, law students and the public to expand their legal knowledge through the expertise of our lawyers. 

Guided by our vision of creating a center of legal excellence, we strive to inspire and be inspired as we foster a collaborative legal community. Join us on a journey of continuous growth and knowledge expansion. 


Moving Forward Through Excellence

Moving forward through excellence for Makarim & Taira S. signifies a commitment to maintaining and advancing the highest standards in our legal practice. This commitment involves a dedication to excellence in every aspect of our work, from providing legal counsel to clients to internal operations within the Firm.

It suggests a continuous pursuit of improvement and growth, both on an individual and organizational level. This involves staying abreast of the latest legal developments, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and professional development, and ensuring that the Firm’s services consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

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Foreign Investment, General Corporate Practice

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Legal knowledge, analytical skills and sound judgment, as well as the right attitude mark Makarim & Taira S. (M&T). We carefully ensure that these characteristics and traits transcend everyone in the Firm.



Coming Soon: Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Agency

Issue 7, April 2024 | This advisory covers the updating of the Personal Data Protection Agency, one of the forthcoming developments under Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law.

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Refining Digital Financial Innovation: New OJK Regulation aims to enhance Regulatory Sandbox

Issue 6, April 2024 | This advisory breaks down what you need to know about the revised rules on mandatory sandbox testing for new innovations.

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The Supreme Court’s 2023 Landmark Decision on Delay of Payment

Issue 5, March 2024 | This advisory explains about recent developments, including a Supreme Court ruling, require judges to consider a debtor's solvency or insolvency before ruling on a delay of payment petition.

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Game On: Indonesia’s New Regulation Targets Greater Slice of Gaming Industry Profits

Issue 4, March 2024 | This advisory explains the substance of the new rules.

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