Noteworthy Case a Green Light for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements in Indonesia

TILP - Issue 2, June 2024 | This article examines the feasibility of recognizing and enforcing foreign court judgments against Indonesian parties, focusing on the challenges and legal approaches involved in ensuring compliance with such judgments.

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Switching Off Local Content Requirements for Electricity Infrastructure

Issue 11, May 2024 | Get the latest update on Indonesia's new local content requirements policy for electricity infrastructure.

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Indonesia Regulates Implementation of Carbon Capture & Storage Activities

Issue 10, May 2024 | Get the latest on Indonesia’s new regulations for Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) activities.

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Sneak Preview: Unveiling Indonesia’s Upcoming Franchise Regulation

Issue 9, May 2024 | Get the latest on upcoming changes in Indonesia’s franchise rules.

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Can AI Images Be Copyrighted in Indonesia?

Discover the latest insights regarding AI and copyright law in Indonesia in our newest article authored by Partner Lia Alizia and Associate Mira Ayu Lestari.

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