Draft Omnibus Law: Manpower Chapter

The highly anticipated Omnibus Bill (“the “Bill”) is taking its first step as the first draft was recently submitted to the House of Representatives. The Bill will amend (or simplify) various regulations on from licensing procedures, investment requirements, manpower, immigration, export-import, land procurement to special economic zones with the main focus being creating jobs. Discussion of the Bill is aimed to be concluded within 100 working days, which should fall sometime in August or early September.

In this edition of M&T Advisory, we highlight some of the manpower aspects proposed in the draft Bill. What are the changes? Will the Bill be more balanced between employers’ and employees’ rights? How will it affect foreign workers? What are the formulae for determining the minimum wage?

Written by Lia AliziaHarris Toengkagie, and Reagan Roy Teguh, click the link below to read the full M&T Advisory.

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