New Regulation on Foreign Construction Representative Offices and Construction Foreign Investment Companies

On 13 June 2019, the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (“MPW”) issued Regulation No. 09/PRT/M/2019 on Guidelines on Licensing Services for Foreign Construction Business Entities (“Reg No. 9/2019”) replacing:

(i) MPW Regulation No. 10/PRT/M/2014 on Guidelines on Issuing Licenses to Representatives of Foreign Construction Service Corporate Bodies (“Reg No. 10/2014”); and 

(ii) MPW Regulation No. 03/PRT/M/2016 on Technical Guidelines on Issuing Construction Service Business Licenses to Foreign Investment Construction Service Enterprises as amended by MPW Regulation No. 30/PRT/M/2016 (“Reg No. 3/2016”). 

Reg No. 10/2014 and Reg No. 3/2016 are collectively referred to as “Old Regulations”.

Read about the significant changes to the provisions introduced by Reg No. 9 /2019 in the link below

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