The Wait is Over: Indonesia’s Carbon Exchange Can Now Open for Business

Issue 16, September 2023 | Indonesia has introduced OJK Regulation No. 14 of 2023 on Carbon Exchange, marking a clear step in the country's carbon trading direction.

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Indonesia Revises Visa Entry Rules in Aim to Stimulate Growth

Issue 15, August 2023 | The Indonesian Government has issued a new immigration regulation that aims to stimulate post-pandemic economic growth.

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Entering the Carbon Trading Era in Indonesia

Issue 14, August 2023 | Read our latest advisory to better understand Indonesia’s evolving regulatory framework on carbon trading.

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Indonesia Prepares Assets Confiscation Bill

Issue 13, July 2023 | This advisory provides an overview of the highlighted provisions under the Bill on Assets Forfeiture

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Constitutional Court Upholds Personal Data Protection Law, while Businesses Await Derivative Regulations

Issue 12, July 2023 | This Advisory provides an update on the law’s implementation and its clarification by the Constitutional Court.

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