New Financial Sector Omnibus Law: Financing Service Businesses

Issue 2, February 2023 | This Advisory focuses on the P2SK Law’s Chapter X on Financing Service Businesses.

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Indonesia’s Omnibus Law Focuses on Fintech Innovation

Issue 1, February 2023 | This advisory is the first of many advisories in the P2SK Law dedicated series.

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Distribution of Video Games in Indonesia

The key aspects of the Indonesian Game Rating System (IGRS)

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Indonesia’s Competition Authority Takes SME Partnership Supervision to a New Level

The year 2022 marks a historic era for Indonesia’s Business Competition Authority (“KPPU”) as it is the year KPPU ruling on Partnerships involving Small Medium Enterprises (“SME”)’s passed.

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The New Requirement for Healthcare Facilities: Electronic Medical Records

The Indonesian Minister of Health has issued Minister of Health Regulation No. 24 of 2022 on Medical Records (“MOH 24/2022”), under which the MOH requires all healthcare facilities to keep electronic medical records.

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