Foreign Investment, Corporate & Commercials

Indonesia is fast becoming a favoured investment destination for multinationals and other foreign investors. M&T provides solutions, advice and representation for all investors, whether foreign or local, private or public. From bankers and stockbrokers through to manufacturers, retailers, traders and miners, and everything in between, investors require a comprehensive understanding of what it means to do business in Indonesia.

M&T is a trusted investment advisor across the board and can provide both commercial and practical advice on investment policies and strategies as well as the legal and regulatory aspects of investment procedures and post-establishment requirements.

Of course, we also have a deep understanding of Indonesia’s Company Law, and provide advice on all general corporate matters, including structuring, capitalization, conversions from a domestic company to a foreign investment company, governance and compliance issues and shareholders/joint venture agreements, procedural and recordkeeping matters, as well as dispute resolution.

As part of our corporate governance practice, we have expertise in the application of Indonesian anti-corruption statutes, and are familiar with the requirements under US and UK anti-corruption laws. We regularly provide advice regarding good governance and anti-corruption issues with respect to business activities in Indonesia. We have also undertaken anti-bribery seminars and trainings for clients.