Projects & Energy

Makarim & Taira S. has cultivated an unparalleled Projects & Energy practice, consistently positioning itself as a frontrunner in the Indonesian market. The Firm has long held a prominent role at the cutting edge of the project sphere. With a comprehensive, pragmatic approach, we effectively navigate various challenges in power projects and mining.

Our Projects & Energy experts provide comprehensive legal counsel throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, ensuring compliance with regulations and addressing potential challenges. From preparing bids and negotiating contracts or concessions with government entities to handling documentation, land acquisition, licensing, financing, and addressing project-related disputes, our involvement extends far beyond the initial scope and demonstrate a holistic approach to project development. 

One key aspect of our work involves advising clients on the intricate process of preparing bids, negotiating contracts or concessions with government entities, and navigating regulatory frameworks. Our lawyers excel in structuring agreements related to power, mining, oil and gas, telecommunications, ports, airports, and utilities. Their expertise extends to drafting and negotiating contracts, managing documentation, and overseeing the various legal aspects of land acquisition, licensing, and financing associated with diverse projects. 

The enduring success of Makarim & Taira S. in the Projects & Energy domain is underscored by the longstanding relationships our experts have fostered. Serving as trusted advisors for over three decades, we have established close ties with the largest key players in the energy, mining, and infrastructure industries. Our commitment to excellence and understanding of the unique challenges in the energy and infrastructure sectors positions them as trusted advisors to clients navigating the dynamic landscape of projects and energy in Indonesia.