Insolvency & Restructuring

Makarim & Taira S. has established a prominent position in the field of Insolvency & Restructuring, representing a diverse clientele that includes both foreign and local lenders, as well as major Indonesian corporations. Our Firm's expertise is rooted in advising multinational financial institutions on insurance liabilities and guiding foreign banks through the intricate processes of bankruptcy and restructuring for Indonesian companies.

The extensive scope and depth of our legal practice uniquely position us to provide counsel to clients contemplating strategic investments in distressed assets, navigating debt restructurings, and engaging in complex recapitalization schemes.

One key aspect of our work is advising clients on strategic investments in distressed assets, debt restructurings, and complex recapitalization schemes. Our experts in insolvency and restructuring bring innovative approaches to negotiating and structuring deals that enable our clients to navigate financial distress while complying with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as showcasing a skill for negotiating intricate debt restructurings across various sectors. We assist clients in making informed decisions to protect their interests during insolvency proceedings, whether representing creditors seeking recovery or debtors aiming for a successful restructuring.

With a history of delivering tailored solutions, we empower clients to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively in the dynamic landscape of insolvency and restructuring. Makarim & Taira S. stands as a strategic partner, offering seasoned expertise to navigate the complexities of distressed assets and challenges related to debt restructuring.